After Dark | Kenneth Noland

  • <p>Painted aluminum on atrium wall featuring streaks of primary colors.</p>

After Dark | Kenneth Noland

Here-There, 1985
Painted aluminum on atrium wall
Five-story interior wall mural
Commissioned with MIT Percent-for-Art Funds

Kenneth Noland had never executed a painting on an architectural scale before being asked to work on the Wiesner Building alongside architect I.M. Pei and sculptor Scott Burton. Here-There is painted directly onto the building’s metal frames, adding a textured, human impression to the modernist atrium. Noland was a leading figure in the American Color Field movement of the 1940s and 1950s and his studio pieces often focused on the tension between the image and the canvas’s shape. What is Here-There’s relationship with Pei’s atrium? How do changes in the amount and quality of light affect the piece?

Building Number: E15
Accession Number: PFA.1985.001

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